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Welcome to the Wall Street Fashion website.
Are you curious what this website is about?  If yes, that is an amazing coincidence.  I am curious as well. 
As I started to type out a "purpose" for this website (a reason for this sites existence, I quickly realized that similar to the first few days (or first weeks) of the Occupy Wall Street movement, I do not actually have a clear game plan.  Although I understand that something important needs to be done today, I am not certain in which direction to move.  Rather then wonder the rest of the day aimlessly, it appears that I quickly need to figure out exactly "what" to achieve, and "how" to achieve "what" I subsequently decided to achieve (yes I know that was a poorly structured sentence).  Maybe I should take another sip of coffee and brainstorm some ideas..
OK, that sip went down smoothly.  Wow, even after my caffeine injection and brainstorming session with myself, I still have no preconceived objective and therefore no clear action plan on how to reach my non existent goals.  Fortunately, I am lucky enough (possibly clever enough) to be at least "aware" of my dilemma.  As they often say, admitting ones problem is one of the first steps in correcting the problem.  I guess now that I admitted to myself that I am disorganized and with little focus, I can now overcome my current deficit of productivity.
Wow, this is turning out to most probably be the absolute worst introduction to a website in the history of the internet.  The good news for me is that being the "absolute worst" at something means you are actually the "best at being the worst".  Looking at the glass half full, this would mean that my poorly conceived website is actually turning out to be the "best" at something.  Isn't that an accolade for me?
OK, openly admitting that I have not yet pre-planned a well thought out website is certainly a foolish way to start off this project.  However, if this introduction to the Wall Street Fashion website is so horribly foolish, how come you are actually reading the words that I am currently typing?  If my intro is actually as poorly preconceived as I have pointed out, wouldn't you have vanished by now.  By the way, please don't claim that you did not actually read what I have sad above because I can clearly sense that you are still reading.  It is true that I can't prove that you are still here, but I am pretty sure that I still have your attention (at least your partial attention).  In addition to the fact that I believe you are still here, I am freakishly certain that you will read the next sentence as well.  In order to be fair, I will create a paragraph break in a moment.  This will give you the opportunity to stop reading.  However, just incase you have not noticed, I should point out that you have "already" read an additional sentence or two since I told you that I was freakishly certain you would.  Anyway, let's get back to business (the business of explaining what this website is about).
Now that we all understand that I am developing this website with no clear pre-planned direction, let's all just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Who knows, this venture may lead us somewhere interesting.  By the way, I guess that being a poor planner (and poor website creator) is one of the reasons that I wound up working in the fashion industry and not working on Wall Street.

What matters more, "Money" or "Fashion"?

Do we need money to buy fashion?

Does wearing the proper fashion help us make money?

Can money buy style?

Can style buy love?

What is in your wallet?

Do you shop at luxury retailers or at Walmart?  Or both?

Alright, I think that I have tormented you enough by making you read above.  Hopefully, you were clever enough to find the secret door way which would have brought you directly to this section of the page.  Our secret door would have helped you skip the nonsense above.  Regardless of how you got here, I am glad you have persevered.

The Wall Street Fashion website is being developed so that we can all learn and discuss the elements that link the fashion industry to the financial industry.
Here are a few questions that may help our research:
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When we use the term Wall Street on our website it is not always simply in reference to the street in New York.  It is a more general term to include the entire financial industry.
Can you guess what this website is about?  This is actually a rhetorical question that you do not need to answer.  Based on the title of this site, you may have assumed that this website is about either "Wall Street Fashion" or "Fashion on Wall Street".  Well, I guess you will have to check out the site further to learn the answer.
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