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One thing that I must say about people that work on Wall Street (people working in the financial industry) is that they do their research.  If their are facts and figures available regarding a public clothing company, they will delve into the data like an ant eater working its way thru an ant hill (OK, stupid analogy).  Financial analysts will dig deep and hard to uncover all the facts and figures that are made public.  In that regarding, Wall Street is well versed in researching the current financial status of a fashion company.
Members of the financial industry can learn about a fashion company be reading quarterly reports, contacting company managements, as well as other methods.
When making investment decisions, it may be more important to know what Wall Street may not know about the fashion industry.

If you wish to research clothing companies, you may want to check the clothing company guide section on Apparel search.  That is another good way to research apparel companies.


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Note: When we use the term Wall Street on our website it is not always simply in reference to the street in New York.  It is a more general term to include the entire financial industry.


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