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Atis : ATIS is a United States based body that is committed to rapidly developing and promoting technical and operations standards for the communications and related information technologies industry worldwide using a pragmatic, flexible and open approach. ATIS prioritizes the industry’s most pressing, technical and operational issues, and creates interoperable, implementable, end to end solutions -- standards when the industry needs them and where they need them. Over 1,100 industry professionals from more than 350 communications companies actively participate in ATIS’ 22 industry committees and incubator solutions programs. ATIS develops standards and solutions addressing a wide range of industry issues in a manner that allocates and coordinates industry resources and produces the greatest return for communications companies. ATIS creates solutions that support the rollout of new products and services into the communications marketplace. Its standardization activities for wireless and wireline networks include interconnection standards, number portability, improved data transmission, Internet telephony, toll-free access, telecom fraud, and order and billing issues, among others. ATIS is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

CTIA : CTIA is the international Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry.  They are dedicated to expanding the wireless frontier.

Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) TIA is the leading trade association for the information, communications and enterntainment technology industry. TIA serves industry suppliers to global markets through its leadership in standards development, domestic and international policy advocacy, and facilitating member business opportunities. TIA represents the communications sector of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA).  TIA represents providers of information, communications and entertainment technology products and services for the global marketplace through its core competencies in standards development, domestic and international policy advocacy, and facilitating member business opportunities. The association facilitates the convergence of new communications networks while working for a competitive and innovative market environment.



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