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Entertainment Industry Foundation : The Entertainment Industry Foundation responds to some of the most critical needs facing our society.  They help raise awareness and funds for important causes such as childhood hunger, cancer research, creative arts, education, cardiovascular research, and much more. They are fortunate to have wide-spread support of our industry's executive leadership, entertainment industry members and celebrated actors who play a vital role in leveraging the power of the entertainment industry to advance their charitable causes. Thanks to the talent and compassion of so many entertainment industry members who donate money and volunteer time on theirr behalf, they continue to broaden their reach to help more people. Annually, the Entertainment Industry Foundation funds more than 300 charitable organizations within the greater Los Angeles area and throughout the nation.

Film L.A. Inc. :  in recognition of the importance of film and media production to the regional economy, FilmL.A., Inc. was formed in 1995 as a private, non-profit company, dedicated to enhancing film production in order to attract and retain jobs, while providing informed support and assistance for local neighborhoods and governments. FilmL.A., Inc. supports efforts to retain film production in Southern California communities

International Association for the Leisure & Entertainment Industry : The IALEI website is full of valuable information. You will find educational programs, training manuals, special programs designed to help you build and operate a most profitable entertainment and leisure business.  You will find information regarding some of the special programs that IALEI offers.

Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association : The Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association (MEIEAŽ) is an international organization that was formed in 1979 to bring together educators with leaders of the music and entertainment industries. The primary goal of MEIEAŽ is to facilitate an exchange of information between educators and practitioners in order to prepare students for careers in the music and entertainment industries. The purpose for which MEIEAŽ is organized and operated is exclusively literary and educational as defined in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and its regulations.

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