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Hotels : HOTELS is the only publication that provides the total information package needed to succeed in today's global hotel marketplace: crucial news and finance stories; worldwide hotel project development; and trends in hotel design, operations, and foodservice that transcend national boundaries and can be applied throughout the world. The official publication of the International Hotel & Restaurant Association, HOTELS magazine provides more global news and features than any other publication. It is the best read and most influential publication in the field. Serving 170 countries, HOTELS is the only publication serving the total worldwide hotel market. It covers the 100+ room hotels in the United States and the 50+ room hotels in the rest of the world that account for 76% of all worldwide hotel revenue. In addition, HOTELS magazine covers hotel management companies and every major chain headquarters. HOTELS magazine reaches approximately 62,000 hotel owners, managers, designers, architects, and all buyers and specifiers for hotel products and services—more than any other hotel publication in the world



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