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This page is for information and links to the fashion industry.  In this area we have listed some of our favorite websites that are relevant to fashion, apparel, textiles and other aspects of the fashion industry.  You are welcome to browse this section as often as you wish and let us know if you ever have suggestions on how we can improve this area.  It is our goal to help you enjoy your experience on this directory.  If you are reading this page, we assume you enjoy fashion.  Therefore, we think you will have fun viewing the following links.

Apparel Search online clothing industry directory.  This site covers all aspects of fashion and the apparel industry.  You can find fashion jobs, fashion news, clothing factories, apparel wholesalers, clothing stores (fashion boutiques) and much more.  Make sure you have plenty of time, because Apparel Search is a very large fashion industry guide.  It would take you weeks to get from one end to the other.

Clothing Model  these two websites have similar website address and in fact are developed by the same company (Apparel Search Company).  The Clothing Model website at is a "directory" for the modeling industry.   This is great for models seeking to become runway models, catalog models, etc.

Fashion Calendar the fashion calendar website is self explanatory.  If you can not figure out what the fashion calendar site is, we are sorry we can not help you...

Fashion Blog the fashion blog website is another website maintained by the Apparel Search Company.  This site is obviously a blog about fashion and style.

Fashion Newspaper the fashion newspaper website provides a method to read fashion news as well as post fashion news.  If you enjoy fashion, please visit the Fashion Newspaper website to read about the fashion industry.  The site also has some news about the textile industry...

Fashion Week Photos this site provides easy access to the world of fashion images.  The fashion week photos website provides fashion photos from the most important fashion weeks around the globe.

Fashion Job Search The fashion job search website allows you to search the internet for fashion jobs.  You can also add job listings to the search engine (for a small fee).  The fee is to add fashion jobs, not to view fashion jobs.. Viewing fashion industry jobs is free of charge.  This is a clothing industry jobs site dedicated to job listings relevant to the clothing industry.  Employers are permitted to post employment opportunities and potential candidates are welcome to freely search the directory to jump start a career in fashion.

Clothing Industry Directory the clothing industry directory is a rather new website, but will develop fast.  The site is an online directory for the clothing industry.

The Apparel Search Company is a developer of fashion industry directories and fashion guides for the international apparel industry. 

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