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Welcome to the Apparel Resources section of the Apparel Pages.  You may be asking, "what are apparel resources?"  Well, that is a rather good question.  Resources are basically assets.  They can be tangible or intangible.  Tangible resources are those resources like apparel machinery, fabric inventory, cotton, and other items which have actual physical existence.  Intangible resources are things like corporate images, fashion brands and patents which are present but cannot be grasped or contained.  In summary, Apparel Resources is a hugely wide category.  This section may contain information regarding both tangible and intangible resources.

Here are a few guides to help you find Apparel Resources that are helpful to members of the apparel industry:

Tangible Apparel Industry Resources

Textile Machinery
Textile Fibers
Apparel Trims - buttons, zippers, thread, hangers, etc.
Fashion Books
Warehouses - buildings to store your tangible resources.

Non-Tangible Apparel Industry Resources

Apparel News
Apparel Jobs
Popular Brands
Fashion Photos (yes, we understand that they become tangible if you print them out on paper).
Fashion Videos
Fashion Blog
Fashion Calendar of Events
Fashion Reviews
Apparel Industry Buyer Guides

Use the following search engine to locate additional resources:

We hope that this apparel resource guide has been of assistance to you.


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