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In the past, hard copies of the Yellow Pages and White Pages was an absolute necessity in most homes.  In modern times, the necessity has most certainly waned.  After the invention and subsequent development of the internet, the need for actual paper copies of these popular phone books has basically fallen off a cliff.  The "necessity" of these paper monstrosities used by previous generations has clearly diminished to the point of no return.

Please do not get us wrong.  We do believe the Yellow Pages and White Pages are still very useful and important tools.  However, the need for the "actual paper copies" is rather limited.  It is far easier to obtain information online (digitally) then to flip thru a book format that which is made of paper.  This is where the Apparel Pages comes into play.  We are an ONLINE resource of information...

In today's world, it is important to not simply be informative.  It is critical to be digital as well as informative.  This allows users to receive information in a more convenient and most importantly mobile manner.  Would you rather carry a small electronic mobile device in your pocket to access information, or carry a copy of the Yellow Pages in your pocket? 

The purpose and goal of the Apparel Pages, is to help people that are interested in locating information about FASHION.  The Apparel Pages can assist you with conveniently locating information about people and companies involved in the fashion market.  This includes information about fashion designers, clothing factories, apparel wholesalers, clothing stores, etc. 

If you are searching for a fashion boutique in your town, the Apparel Pages can help point you in the proper direction.  For example, we may reference you to the fashion boutique directory website.  Or depending on our mood at that moment, we may point you in another direction if we have found what we believe to be a better resource to help you find the most appropriate fashion boutique for your needs.

In summary, the Apparel Pages ( is a guide that will help you navigate information about clothing and fashion accessories.  This includes products, as well as the companies behind the products.  Essentially, we are a directory of directories.  If we do not have the information, we will forward you to websites where you can find the information.

The Apparel Pages is an aggregator of various resources.  Just incase you are not familiar with the term, an "aggregator" refers to a web site or computer software that aggregates a specific type of information from multiple online sources (An aggregate is a collection of items that are gathered together to form a total quantity).  In other words, we help you find information from a huge variety of places.  Our goal is to bring together various resources of information regarding the subject of fashion and present the information to you in a convenient manner.  We certainly hope that will help you ultimately find the information that you are seeking.


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