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When searching the interent, you may have ran into many sites indicating that they are wholesalers or distributors.  So what does that mean?  Essentially, a wholesaler or distributor is a middle person between the manufacturing state and the retailing stage.  Typically, an apparel distributor will purchase product from a "factory".  They will then sell the product to clothing department stores and fashion boutiques.

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Apparel is manufactured at a clothing factory and the apparel manufacturer sells to an apparel wholesaler, and then sold to an apparel retailer.

Apparel Manufacturer >> Apparel Wholesaler >>  Apparel Retailer

Note: Some times the clothing manufacturer will "skip" the wholesaler.  And some times, the wholesaler will "skip" the retailer (the wholesaler can sell direct to consumer).

Learn more about apparel distributors in the apparel wholesaler section on Apparel Search.

 Have you ever asked yourself, "What is a clothing wholesaler?"

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